Q. What is coaching? 

There are many definitions of coaching but I believe that the purpose of coaching is to help and support people to take control of their own learning and development through:

  • developing their skills
  • improving their performance
  • maximising their potential
  • proactively becoming the person they want to be.

It’s important to note that coaching can be therapeutic but it’s not therapy.

Q. Why is coaching so effective?

When do we ever get the chance in normal life to just talk freely about ourselves, our dreams or our barriers for an hour? Without fear of judgement or of sounding self-important?

Coaching not only gives you the space to talk and explore issues, but your coach will probe with incisive questions and a toolbox of methods to help you get to the root of it all. I will support you to turn dreams into goals, and offer techniques to enable you to achieve them. It’s a powerful mix of skills that can genuinely change lives. Take a look at my testimonials to hear how I’ve helped other people.

Q. Why choose Anume? 

No two stories are the same. However, there is often a general feeling that our clients want more from their life, want to change something or are experiencing a change or are at a crossroads in their life. This might be separation, moving house, leaving university, changing career, redundancy or losing a loved one.

Some of my clients want to lose weight, get fit and healthy in later life, feel happier, find love or embark on the career they’ve always dreamed of.

Read my testimonials to see what some of my clients have to say about how we’ve helped them.

Q. Which geographical areas do you cover? 

I can support you wherever you are in the world. We can meet face to face or many of my clients enjoy the flexibility and freedom of coaching over the phone or on Skype. 

Q. What’s co-active coaching?

Lesley uses the co-active model of coaching to offer a unique experience of personal and professional development. Co-active coaching is a philosophy, a methodology, a skill set and a communication form that is being applied in business, education, medicine, government, communities and families all around the world.

As a co-active coach I believe you are completely capable of finding your own creative answers to whatever challenges you face. So rather than instructing or advising, I use a combination of powerful questions, listening and empowerment techniques to help you find your own answers and goals.

You will develop self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and take courageous action to create an environment where you can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most to you.