Losses are a part of our everyday life, loss of love, divorce, redundancy, a child leaving home, or when an illness robs us of our good health and fitness, as well as the death of a loved one. Loss can make us fragile and our emotions more brittle. We often struggle to articulate what’s happening to us and children too may appear unfeeling on the outside when inside they are screaming for help when they have lost someone that they love.

Bereavement support when you need it, in a quiet comfortable environment with an experienced supportive and caring coach, because life matters.

When you are at your most vulnerable and feel alone on your personal grief journey, I will work with you , showing compassion and understanding to help you to cope with your loss.

Dedicated to your transformation

I will empathise, not sympathise, working with you in a way that suits you, at a speed that works for you. In between sessions you may want to reflect and then return to those thoughts that continue to cause you concern. You are no longer alone in your grief, I will walk with you.

I will help you to acknowledge your loss; I understand the overwhelming pain and numbness that can accompany a loss.

I will help you reconnect with your physical and emotional body , support you to recommence or start physical activity, ensuring that you don’t retreat, but begin to revel once again, in nature.

You deserve the love and connection of others, and I know that we heal by remembering, not forgetting, those that we have lost.

With over 15 years of supporting the bereaved, I have integrated my coaches training with experience in working with adults, children’s and families who have suffered loss, in all of its guises. I’ve worked with the dying and those who care for them, with those bereaved through suicide and crime and in sudden and traumatic circumstances. My calm and supportive style will enable you to begin to work through your grief and to move forward on your life journey.