A few words from my clients…

Creating opportunities

“Lesley is someone with a uniqueness in how she builds relationships, recognises talent and provides opportunities. She provides ‘golden nuggets’ for success and is very approachable, enthusiastic and enables and facilitates personal and professional growth. I highly recommend her – and for people at a crossroads Lesley will open many doors and take off any blinkers!”

Changes in work and home life

“Lesley and I crossed paths at an eerily appropriate time. I was looking to make quite a drastic change in my career and make a geographical move as well. We worked together over the course of six months and her input has been invaluable. Her ability to extrapolate the key, important aspects of my thoughts and plans made our work very focused. 

She has helped me to use my personal values and work ethic as a framework to really highlight my strengths and abilities. Lesley has given me the confidence to reach for the stars and believe I can fly. I am sure that our relationship will continue to flourish, as I have no doubt that we will work together again.”

Developing confidence and positivity

“I had been struggling with motivation, confidence and unhappiness but had always been sceptical about the value of life coaches until I met Lesley.

Her friendly, relaxed nature, attentive listening and ability to offer a different perspective helped me to face problems and explore new possibilities. Her dedication and generosity in sharing her extensive resources, experience and business acumen helped me try alternative approaches to find solutions in all areas of my life.

Through working with Lesley I now have the confidence, positivity and have re-found my inner strength, focus and drive to take control of my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Lesley at Anume.”

An organisational change

“We appointed Lesley as an interim CEO to lead the resurrection of our failing specialist society. Her clarity of thinking, resilience and experience helped us unravel the root causes of the longstanding decay and allowed us to restructure into a more progressive, leaner and fit for purpose organisation. 

In my opinion Lesley’s greatest gift is her ability to enhance the individual’s ability to make sound decisions and to not be afraid of changing direction when circumstances make this the most optimal option. She is able to do this because of her friendly, pragmatic, transparent and accessible style of leadership. We needed massive change management in terms of developing mind sets, strategy and operational activity. Lesley’s leadership made all of this easily achievable.

I recommend Lesley in this type of role in the highest possible terms.”

Preparation for the next stage of life

I would highly recommend Lesley Murphy as a professional coach and a strategic partner.

Lesley is very personable and easy to talk to. She is a great resource, sounding board and guiding hand. By providing intelligent insights into the health service and through our discussions on work life balance, Lesley has been key in preparing me for my next career and life stages. 

Lesley has become a critical friend that I trust and respect. I can’t find enough wonderful things about her and I look forward from learning more from Lesley in the near future.”

A holistic approach to life and work

“I have had the opportunity to work with Lesley as my advisor and mentor over the last six months – she engages with you both as a professional and as an individual person; a truly holistic approach to mentoring you.

She has a warm and friendly nature so that you rapidly get into discussions of key issues without any concerns. Amongst her key skills is the ability to actively listen; dissect the conversation and quickly ascertain the real problems you are facing, and with her experience offer strategic and tactical approaches to solving them.

She can make sense of the complexity of a director’s work – eg dealing with people, politics, processes and products or services – and offers really useful insights and advice because of her commercial acumen and knowledge of working with organisational challenges.

I would recommend her to fellow senior managers and look forward to having the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Living by my values

“I had reached a crossroads in my life – a period of inner conflict relating to values in the workplace.

Lesley listened and helped me to achieve clarity and confidence during this period of considerable change. This has enabled me to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals, whilst maintaining my self-belief.”

Developing my toolkit for a senior role

“I began working with Lesley when I was relatively new in post as an assistant director. Lesley’s style of coaching has been a great enabler for me in developing both professionally and personally.

She has enabled me to consider things that happen both at work and on a personal level with a different view, seeing things both good and challenging as teaching something, which then becomes part of my toolkit for use another time. This works for me at home and at work.

Also she helped me to challenge myself to push my boundaries and try things that I might otherwise have avoided, with surprising and pleasing results. I have grown in confidence in my role at work and have developed a greater ability to show this confidence in interactions at work, whilst remaining true to who I am as a person.

Lesley works to develop the person as a whole and to hone reflective thinking to encompass experiences from all aspects of life. This has allowed me to explore a range of areas of my work and personal life and be more in control of how events affect my performance at work.

Overall, working with Lesley has been a very positive experience on many levels. Her insightful summaries of our sessions shared via email that included discussions of things I might try out kept me on track and gave a lasting reminder of the key things we explored.

I would recommend Lesley as a coach wholeheartedly.”

A challenging pleasure

“I can’t decide whether working with Lesley is a pleasant challenge or a challenging pleasure.

Lesley has a refreshing approach to her work, whether coaching or mentoring. As a mentor, Lesley finds that careful balance between making sure you do your own work (that’s what you’re there for!) and being directive if you need to move things on. 

She will use the freedom mentoring gives (over coaching) to draw on her own experience as a senior executive, from the experience of others in her network and from her personal experience.

Being personal and professional is a real skill and Lesley has it. 

If you’re really up for changing then you have to be prepared to work. What really helps is when the person who’s helping you makes the ‘homework’ easier for you. Lesley can do that. She picked methods that suited me, which meant I could focus on the issue (not the technique, tool or model) and I felt like doing it even when I was busy.”